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I am a woman who wears many hats. I am a wife, a mum of two, a holistic Nurse Consultant, Lifestyle consultant, Nutritional Therapist, Reiki Master and a Blue Diamond essential oil educator with doTERRA.


In my life, I have been very blessed to be in the company of some amazingly gifted people. Their wisdom and teachings have helped me grow exponentially and have helped shape me into the multi -faceted  business woman I am today.

My background is in Health Management and over the last 25 years I have consulted to all of the major health retreats in Australia. Camp Eden, The Golden Door and Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat as an RN, Program Manager and Counsellor.

Knowing that you played a part in helping people reach their wellness goals is incredibly enriching and rewarding experience.

In addition to this I am also incredibly passionate about food, good food. I took this passion for wholefoods and I built and ran a national gourmet food company, supplying homes, deli's and offices in Brisbane with home delivered ‘health retreat’ style food.


Throughout my career I have worked with many people, all on a different ‘wellness’ journey, and each with their own incredible stories of healing. But without question (& unsurprisingly) the one that has had most impact is my own families story.


Seven years ago after making the agonising discovery that one of my children was highly reactive to environmental stressors, I knew I needed to make a change. I put my ‘Mother Warrior’ hat on and got proactive. The first thing I did was to change our diet by removing gluten, sugar and artificial colouring. The next step in the process was to remove dairy,  damaging preservatives, and additives, as well as all toxic household chemicals.


What happened as a result was nothing short of amazing! My child went from no conversation to being a fluent chatterbox, from little social interaction to someone who has many friends. I was strongly encouraged by these huge steps forward and so I studied more fervently than ever before. I willingly threw myself into research, reading and study as I delved deeper into biomedical studies, essential oils, wholefoods, confidence therapy, mindset and living "Well."


As a Mother you take on these changes willingly for your children, up until this point everything I had done had been for the benefit of my child. I didn't even stop to think about the impact that Living Well would have on the rest of us until I noticed hyperthyroid symptoms in myself.. .. I did have Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune driven under-active thyroid disorder. I say did, as I am no longer on my thyroxin daily dose, I have since reversed an acute tick allergy as well.


Our story is amazing, put quite simply, Living Well rocks; it changes people's world , it's changed ours, I’m certain it can change yours too!

In continuing my research with regards to my own families personal ‘wellness’ I began looking into natural first aid solutions to compliment our biomedical journey. This is when I came across essential oils. I researched and investigated many essential oils but my discoveries kept on guiding me back to the doTERRA brand. I was more interested in just using essential oils for our families health and well being first and foremost but the more I learned about the company the more I wanted to be involved - an advocate of the product for so many reasons.


The synergy between my own personal belief model and my passion for health and wellness and the company's ethos was too strong to ignore. So a match was made - between the individual and a company. Unwittingly I was an advocate for doTERRA from the point of view I was beginning to use and prescribe these oils for my clients simply because of the the new found discovery of the health and well-being benefits essential oils can provide.


The quality , the pureness of the oils and the humanitarian heart of company made my heart sing. Both the company and the product spoke to me on so many levels, so it was truly the easiest decision to align my family with doTERRA.

The Lavender and Frankincense essential oils totally transformed my world with better quality restful sleep, reduced stress and a better ability to manage stressful situations. In addition to this I was delighted to see that my skin health improved dramatically within the first month of using these gifts from nature.


So far in my career I had worked with up to 8 different essential oil companies but none have yielded the results that of the doTERRA oils. At this time I was still working in a health retreat and I knew that doTERRA needed to be part of the health retreat scene.

It was this setting that I saw these oils truly work their magic. After witnessing the transformative effect and the power of the doTERRA products I knew I had to think bigger and so I began to share these oils with friends, family and my own wellness clients.


Fast forward 3 years and I now spend my days running wellness workshops nationally, mentoring others, and building and leading a global team of over 6000 wellness advocates and their families who choose to live well using essential oils.



Jackie x