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HOW TO ORDER doTERRA Essential Oils

A STEP-by-STEP Guide​

Please note this is a guide on how to enrol to start receiving doTERRA Essential Oils and other quality doTERRA products.

If you are unsure about any of the information provided to you then please first use the FAQ section to search for the query or question as it may already be addressed in this section. Alternatively, feel free to use the online chat facility at the bottom of your screen or use the Contact Form to send through your questions for a response.

1. Welcome to doTERRA!

CLICK HERE to order high quality pure potent doTERRA Essential Oils online

When you click the link above you will be greeted with the following screen in a new window as a tab in your browser. You can click back here to follow these instructions to complete your enrolment. By enrolling up with me you will instantly have access to my Facebook community with over 4,500 members (as of September 2018), exclusive offers and a one hour consultation with me where I will teach you how to use essential oils and assess your needs to direct you on the right path of Wellness




2. Select Preferred Language and Shipping Destination

a) Select your preferred language by clicking on the down arrow to reveal available language choices and do the same to select the country you would like to have your doTERRA products shipped to. (Refer to the two screens below and be sure to choose the options that are applicable to you)

doTERRA is a global company therefore it does not matter where you live for you to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate member. I have people in my team from all corners of the world who are part of my doTERRA Essential Oil network and we keep in contact by way of my Living Well Team Facebook Page or my Living Well Business Page and other doTERRA global events & incentive trips which will be explained some more at the end of this enrolment process

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