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Botanical Name: Cinnamomum cassia


A close relative to Cinnamon, Cassia has a strong, spicy aroma that can be used in small quantities to transform any dish. It’s one of the few essential oils mentioned in the Old Testament, noted for its unmistakable fragrance and calming aromatic properties. Cassia is a ”warming” oil, adding a spicy flavour to food. Cassia can be used in cooking either as a replacement for Cinnamon in pies and breads or by itself in a myriad of main dishes and desserts.


SKU: 60215294
15 Milliliters
  • Primary Benefits

    • delicious food additive
    • warming, uplifting aroma


    Aromatic Description:

    warm, spicy, cinnamon


    Collection Method: 

    steam distillation


    Plant Part: 

    bark, leaf


    Main Constituents: 

    cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate

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