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Blend Type: Clear Blend


Breathe easy with doTERRA Easy Air


Easy Air can be applied topically to the chest, back or bottom of feet, or diffused at night time to help calm the senses before a restful night’s sleep

easy air

SKU: 60200210
15 Milliliters
  • Primary Benefit

    the eucalyptus within doTERRA easy air may help with seasonal threats. Take a deep breath and inhale for feelings of relaxation and clearer breathing.


    Secondary Benefit

    the laurel leaf within doTERRA Easy Air may help to promote feelings of easy breathing


    Tertiary Benefit

    doTERRA easy air contains relaxing ravintsara which can be used in meditation for its relaxation properties. Its fresh and earthy scent may be used to prepare for a restful night’s sleep


    Aromatic Description

    minty, fresh, airy



    laurel Leaf, eucalyptus leaf, peppermint plant, melaleuca leaf, lemon peel, cardamom seed, ravintsara leaf and ravensara leaf essential oils

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