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Botanical Name: Melissa officinalis


Melissa officinalis, also known as lemon balm, received the name “Melissa” because of its sweet, fresh, citrus-like fragrance, which was known to attract bees (Melissa is Greek for “honey bee”). As one of our rarest and most expensive oils, Melissa has a wide range of benefits and uses. Melissa is used as a flavour in teas and ice cream as well as with some fish dishes. Because of its positive uplifting scent, Melissa has long been used in situations of tension to help calm feelings and promote a sense of centeredness and balance. Diffusing Melissa at night can help initiate a restful sleep environment and promote emotional wellbeing.


SKU: 30850004
5 Milliliters
  • Primary Benefits

    • uplifting and invigorating for emotional and spiritual wellbeing
    • calming soothing scent to promote feelings of emotional balance in tense times
    • promote feelings of relaxation


    Aromatic Description

    citrus, herbaceous


    Collection Method

    steam distillation


    Plant Part

    leaf, top


    Main Constituents

    geranial, germacrene, neral, β β-caryophyllene

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