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Botanical Name: Abies sibirica



The Siberian fir tree is a tall, light in colour, conifer tree native to European Russia and Canada.

Siberian Fir essential oil has a refreshing, woody scent that is known for its calming and relaxing aromas.


Siberian Fir has a unique chemical composition that is predominately bornyl acetate, which provides a majority of the benefits of this essential oil.


Siberian Fir can be very soothing to the skin, making it an ideal essential oil to add to a comforting massage. When diffused, Siberian Fir essential oil can help promote a relaxing and grounding atmosphere.


Harvested from the pine needles of the magnificent Siberian fir tree. Native to Russia and Canada, Siberian Fir has a unique composition that contains high levels of bornyl acetate; it has a refreshing and woody scent and is known for its calming and grounding aroma.

siberian fir

SKU: 60203926
15 Milliliters
  • Primary Benefits 

    soothe and comfort. After strenuous activity, massage into skin for a soothing effect to help ease a tired and aching body


    Secondary Benefits

    whether at home, work, or study, we are often faced with challenging circumstances. Siberian Fir’s refreshing aroma helps calm anxious feelings and may promote a positive outlook


    Tertiary Benefits 

    the grounding aroma of Siberian Fir creates the perfect accompaniment to meditation or spiritual practices. Blends well with Bergamot, Cedarwood, Wild Orange and Geranium essential oils


    Aromatic Description

    green, woody and fresh


    Collection Method

    steam distillation


    Plant Part


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