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Blend Type: Grounding Blend


Perfect for daily use or as needed, dōTERRA Steady Grounding Blend has a soft, inviting, and slightly fruity aroma. Steady draws on the unique benefits of essential oils such as Amyris, Balsam Fir, Coriander, and Magnolia perfectly blended to promote feelings of calming. Amyris and Balsam Fir are warm wood oils that are evenly balanced by a hint of sweet Magnolia. When feeling overwhelmed, diffuse Steady allowing your mood to find balance. Steady is a great everyday blend.


SKU: 60220148
5 Milliliters
  • Primary Benefits

    • helps create a balanced atmosphere with a calming aroma
    • complements affirmations encouraging a grounded mood



    amyris, balsam fir, coriander, magnolia essential oils


    Aromatic Description

    piney, fruity, soft, woody

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