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All things pretty, shiny and media savvy aren't necessarily gold ....

Hmmmm, where to start with this post, it's a tricky one, trying to voice my observations from a far, will I be perceived to be judging others and their practice or is this wisdom from an old duck in the industry. I've worked in the wellness industry since I was 26, that's a long time (I'm hitting 48 in June) and so have a lot of other amazing practitioners, we have a deep honouring respect of our art and we have made the wellness industry our lifes service and passion.

You can find these amazing gifted people walking their talk in their communities, in their practices, in their professional organisations. These wellness/health warriors often are far too busy thriving in their lives, personal and professional to be courting social media and tabloid style wellness journalists. My post is about the acute changing face of our industry in the last few years where "pretty things, with tabloid sensational stories have flooded the social media space and our inboxes."

The Belle Gibson's do not represent our wellness industry, what she and the media machine around her have done is just horrible ......... I know fellow practitioners who have met Miss Gibson and immediately smelled a huge "fake story" so how seasoned journalists trained in investigative journalism didn't smell it to, astounds me. Are we about authenticity today or is it about the sensation and the superficial, the look at me narcissism that attracts us like bower birds to shiny bright things? My industry, as it has in the past (I am old enough to know when the TGA first came to town, I attended the rallies and remember how the new regulatory body backed by big medicine tried to kill the naturopathic movement and today naturopaths share office with GP's) will stand the test of time because we respect our standing, our knowledge and most importantly, firstly and foremost we respect you and serve each and every day with "first do no harm."

So please practice your "smart "as an individual consumer , use your fined tuned intuition and wisdom that we all have, and start to question what doesn't feel quite right.

Will the cancer community ever receive a heart felt genuine "I'm so sorry" from Belle and the big business media machine behind her? I hope so!

Namaste ❤️ Jackie x

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