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Home Detox

One of the most nourishing things I have done for our family over the last 6 months is to fully detox/cleanse our home of the nasty endocrine disrupting chemicals in commercial cleaning products. I use vinegar, elbow grease and the mighty power of essential oils to clean our home.


The WHO and UN reported in a landmark study in 2013 that there are ... "some associations between exposure to EDCs and health problems including the potential for such chemicals to contribute to the development of non-descended testes in young males, breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men, developmental effects on the nervous system in children, attention deficit/hyperactivity in children and thyroid cancer".

“We urgently need more research to obtain a fuller picture of the health and environment impacts of endocrine disruptors,” said Dr Maria Neira, WHO’s Director for Public Health and Environment. “The latest science shows that communities across the globe are being exposed to EDCs, and their associated risks. WHO will work with partners to establish research priorities to investigate links to EDCs and human health impacts in order to mitigate the risks. We all have a responsibility to protect future generations."

"The report also raises similar concerns on the impact of EDCs on wildlife. In Alaska in the United States, exposure to such chemicals may contribute to reproductive defects, infertility and antler malformation in some deer populations. Population declines in species of otters and sea lions may also be partially due to their exposure to diverse mixtures of PCBs, the insecticide DDT, other persistent organic pollutants, and metals such as mercury. Meanwhile, bans and restrictions on the use of EDCs have been associated with the recovery of wildlife populations and a reduction in health problems"

Hmmmmm, worrying stuff in my opinion!

I read the other day that a woman puts on up to 515 toxic chemicals on her body each day. My anti-aging serum now is frankincense essential oil and coconut oil. Simple, clean and OMG it works.

Here's a recipe from my dear friend Amy Crawford from The Holistic Ingredient, it's her answer to "Jiff". I use it and it is as effective as the commercial creme cleansers, I just add 20 drops of doTERRA's Onguard as the mixture is cooling to increase the therapeutic anti-microbial bang to our cleaning.

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