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How to manage a severe headache or migraine "Jackie" style ...

As you know I'm a low tox living sort of a gal. I am also a Nurse Consultant so I do value the need for pharmaceuticals when necessary. For me last night, when my 4th ever migraine started to build, my doTERRA oils became my choice of management of the nausea, photophobia, neck rigidity, shivers and throbbing head pain. In the distant past it would be 2 mersyndol, nurofen, stemetil and bed.

The mersyndol were ready to go, but thank you to my beautiful oils those tablets were not used!!!

I used Frankincense, Peppermint, Lavender essential oils on my neck, temples and stomach layering them with the beautiful hormonal blend of Clary Calm on my neck, shoulder region and taking the amazing DDR Prime supplement internally which has Frankincense in it, one of nature's biggest anti inflammatories.

Within 2 hours my headache eased enough for me to sleep and the nausea fell away. I woke this morning with sore achy muscles and a little nausea, nothing that a killer Chinese massage doesn't fix.

Thanks nature, thanks doTERRA.

If you are interested in knowing more about these beautiful health empowering oils please have a chat here on FB or come to one of our workshops in May around SE Qld.

We have a Winter Wellness Chat happening Bayside Brisbane. An Honouring Self and Spirit with Essential Oils Morning tea in Redlands and I'm off to Emerald to chat all things Oils and Wellness late May.

Namaste for a ‪#‎healthyhappy‬ Friday afternoon ❤️ Jackie x

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