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Thriving in exams ....

Our son and his gorgeous friends sit their YEAR 3 exams next week. Exams, presentations, "game on" meetings are a big deal and we need to honour the energy it takes to be "ready". Thankfully our school has not made this exam a big deal, it's just a normal school week and a normal school day. We have been advised to rest the kiddies well and feed them a hearty breakfast

So what is the recipe for well rested and a hearty meal?

Kiddies between 6 to 13 years need 9 to 11 hours sleep nightly. So early to bed is the possibly the greatest gift you can give them. Plan a beautiful wind down ritual of an Epsom salts and lavender essential oil bath to lower stress levels and calm cortisol. No stimulating bright light computer screens or iPads prior to bed, this can stimulate your wake up hormones. Active listening is paramount in allowing our kiddies to express their day. No need to solve, judge nor complicate, just meet them where they are at to alleviate any anxieties about the day, as the saying goes. A problem shared is a problem solved. Waking to a calm morning and with lightness and laughter benefits mood as well.

Diffusing these essential oils will benefit focus, concentration and calming;

  • West Indian Sandalwood (Amyris): contains a high level of sesquiterpenes and may help promote calmness and relief from stress and tension

  • Patchouli: has a sedating, calming and relaxing influence and may be useful in relieving anxiety and depression. It also has a high level of sesquiterpenes

  • Frankincense: has antidepressant and sedating properties. It is often used to help enhance memory, reduce mental fatigue, focus energy, and aid concentration

  • Lime: has a refreshing aroma that is often used to help overcome exhaustion, depression, and listlessness. It may also be beneficial for anxiety

  • Ylang Ylang: has demonstrated sedative properties and is often used to help aid with anxiety and depression

  • Sandalwood: is often used as an aid in focus and meditation. It also has calming and sedative properties

  • Roman Chamomile: has a calming and relaxing influence. It is often used to help safely and effectively reduce irritability and nervousness in children, especially hyperactive children

Namaste ❤️ Jackie x

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